Minocycline: A Treatment For Acne?

By · Mar 27, 2021 · 6 min read

Minocycline is a hormonal prescription drug used to clear acne-prone skin. It belongs to a specific group of medications called tetracycline antibiotics. This medication is only prescribed by dermatologists or doctors. You can not get Minocin ( minocycline hydrochloride ) over the counter. Typically, these capsules are used to treat inflammatory lesions, bacterial infections, tick fever, etc. However, the professionals don’t always warn you of the potential side effects of this drug.

Minocin Capsule Side Effects

– nausea,
– vomiting,
– upset stomach,
– diarrhea,
– lightheadedness,
– dizziness,
– spinning sensation,
– unsteadiness,
– drowsiness,
– tired feeling,
– joint or muscle pain,
– discoloration of your skin or nails,
– skin rash or itching,
– mouth sores,
– swollen tongue,
– discoloration of your gums,
– cough,
– increased skin sensitivity to sunlight (sunburn more easily)

My Personal Experience With Minocycline

When it comes to acne, I was desperate to find a solution. I tried many topical solutions and prescription medications, but none of them helped my cystic acne. I decided to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist. She prescribed me Minocycline. Less than 12 hours after taking the first capsule, I experienced severe nausea and stomach aches. I thought after some time it would subside, but it only got worse. I did take a second pill the next day and after that, I decided to quit taking them overall.


Long Term Side Effects

– Thyroid cancer
– Low levels of Granulocytes
– Acute inflammation of the covering of the heart
– Worsening asthma
– Acute inflammation of the pancreas
– Liver failure
– Seizures
– Allergic reactions
– Defective tooth enamel formation

A Personal Experience Similar To Mine

According to an article from Drugs.com, an individual whose username was Neptune stated their personal experience with these capsules as well. They claimed “Minocycline did improve my acne in the short time I took it, but I experienced a reaction severe enough to land me in the ER. I started getting hives all over my chest and arms, diarrhea every time I ate, and the most intense abdominal pain I’ve ever felt.” These are a few side effects that were similar to mine. Luckily, Neptune stated they went off the drug and recovered within a few days.

Taking Minocycline To Court

Amanda Watts, an Arizona teen, started taking Minocin to help improve her acne. She was prescribed Medicis’ Solodyn, which contains Minocycline from her doctor. She proceeded to take the drug for 5 months but soon found out terrible news when going in for a check-up. According to BizJournals.com, “ Watts alleges in the lawsuit that she developed drug-induced lupus and autoimmune hepatitis.” This lawsuit was aimed towards Scottsdale-based Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. Unfortunately, she did not win this case, but they did decide to put warning labels on all medications that had Minocin in their ingredients.

Proceed With Caution

Furthermore, not everyone will experience these symptoms so it is up to each individual to use their best judgment. Some people may be more sensitive to the side effects. Just be sure to read the labels and consult with a professional before taking the medication.



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