Using Ice in Acne Treatment

By · Nov 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Since acne is an inflammatory condition it can oftentimes be painful, especially if the lesions are cystic. Applying ice directly to the affected area not only reduces pain, it also reduces the swelling and redness of acne lesions. With continued applications, ice can speed the healing process of acne and thwart it from getting worse.

Ideal treatment consists of 4 to 6 applications a week, with each application lasting twenty minutes.

  • Start by washing skin with warm water and towel drying.
  • After making sure the ice pack is cold enough to be effective but tolerable enough to withstand (a cloth to cover the pack helps,) place on affected area for twenty minutes.
  • Follow up with your normal skincare routine, focusing especially on a nourishing moisturizer.

This regimen may be combined with other exfoliative treatments.

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