Hydrocortisone Injections for Acne

By · Oct 7, 2019 · 3 min read

This treatment is the most instantly gratifying. At a dermatologist’s office, a nurse or physician injects hydrocortisone directly into individual acne lesions. Since hydrocortisone is a steroid, the swollen tissue around the plugged follicle immediately begin to shrink and the clogged pore begins to clear. As if by magic, the lesion instantly flattens out within minutes and in a few hours has almost disappeared.  Injections work best on more swollen, cystic lesions and are not effective for superficial breakouts that are very small or already flat.

Treatments can be costly if insurance doesn’t cover them, but not nearly as costly as some other treatments, so if you’re nearing an event and need to clear your skin in a jiffy, cortisone injections are a good option. The average price without insurance is $40 for up to 5 injections.

Side Effects

This method is extraordinarily effective but must be done by a skilled nurse or dermatologist. If injected too deeply or not precisely, the risk of scarring occurs. Sometimes a small indentation results after treatment even when injected correctly, though this is not a scar and will go away eventually. Patient will feel a slight sting as the needle pokes through skin and pinprick bleeding and initial redness may occur.



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